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Our Performance Profiling™ Testing System, developed by Prof. Andreas Rissler and his team from the International Institute for Behaviour Analysis, provides a comprehensive report, incorporating our unique BEHAVIOUR MEASUREMENT INDEX, and contains key performance related analysis including.....

  • Leadership Strengths 
  • Decision Making Behaviour
  • Communication Skills
  • Ideal Occupations and Professions 
  • Motivational and Stress Factors

...... and much, much more besides.....


Performance-Profiling™ is a highly efficient and accurate online profiling system and your own personal test can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. Your comprehensive report is generated immediately after submission.

No matter what business or profession you are in, the Performance Profiling™ Testing System is an invaluable aid to maximising individual performance and, together with its associated questionnaires and reports, has many applications including Staff Evaluation, Recruitment Profiling, Team Building and Conflict Resolution.

All Online, available 24/7!



Our profiling system is based on the theories of behaviourist Karen Horney (1885 - 1952), who did important research  and produced a major treatise called “Self-Analysis” in the mid-twentieth century. She identified that everyone has ten basic human needs that develop in each individual from early childhood. These needs differ in their degree of influence on an individual's behaviour depending on his or her upbringing.  Based on her clinical observations, she then grouped these ten needs into three broad coping strategies.  All of us are a combination of these three coping strategies defined by Karen Horney


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